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The VIA Freeze Duo is a single Stirling engine powered system with two SBS plates; numerous sample formats are available, with a capacity of either 96 x 2.0ml standard cryovials (suggested filling of 1.0ml) or 30-70ml of fluid in a cryobag. This unit is ideal for proof of concept experiments or low volume production and bears all the typical benefits of the VIA Freeze range:

The onboard secure data logging system and fully featured protocol editor offers programmable cooling protocols, user access control, data logging, process validation and report generation. The cleanable touch screen interface allows easy system control and works with typical laboratory gloves. A standard mouse and keyboard can also be used, as can secure access from a remote computer via standard web browsers.

Designed to be clean room compatible, the VIA Freeze systems have minimal dirt traps, a seamless sample area, magnetically mounted autoclavable sample holders and may be cleaned using standard wipes. Contamination and sterility issues found in liquid nitrogen based systems are completely avoided.

Since no liquid nitrogen is used there is no O2 depletion safety risk. This obviates the need for any O2 depletion safety systems and their associated costs especially when required within a clean room environment. Running costs are expected to be 1% of liquid nitrogen controlled systems and can negate the need for liquid nitrogen infrastructure altogether, offering substantial set-up cost savings.

Prototypes have been developed and tested over the last year as part of a TSB funded project. Please contact us with any questions about the VIA Freeze range.

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